Harris Fyfe is a Mississippi raised artist living in the Woodlands on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. Her work is heavily influenced by her interest and studies in European history and culture. She received an interdisciplinary degree of fine art, art history, and interior design from Mississippi State University. She works with both oil and encaustic mediums. Her style consists of simplistic compositions, yet complex layering techniques which involve a strategic and perfected painting process she herself has createdover time. Soft transitions, tonal proficiency, lived-in surfaces, and often subdued pastel palettes; these are staples in her pieces. Her work is best described as having a contemporary spin with an Old World feel to it. Often portrayed as ethereal yet playful, mysterious yet tranquil, Harris’s work continues to grow in abundance not only around the South but nationwide, as well. 


Adams Galleries of Austin, TX

Nancy Price Interior Design - Jackson, MS